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For as long as I can remember I have always drawn & painted, as well as having my nose firmly planted in books. I originally began designing small business websites in 1995 while employed fulltime at a major Aussie bank. In 1999 I started a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design, graduating in 2004. While studying, I continued to work as a freelance web designer and expanded into traditional illustration. After taking a break from designing sites, I have now begun designing microsites for social media such as facebook pages, twitter and youtube.

Historical Art, poetry, novels and song fragments as well as life in general inspire me & often I am surrounded by small pieces of paper with hastily written notes & quick sketches, or as my husband fondly says, organised chaos! I am totally tone deaf, but use music as a tool to relax while working, often you can hear me sqawking away to my favourite songs, so far noone has called the police. Luckily for the kids, they take after their father's side for musical ability and mine for artistic talent and not the other way around.

I'm happy using both traditional and computer mediums to create artwork and don't believe that an artist should be restricted to just one medium or style. I have a natural tendency to clean lines, with a lot of white space. I also have a strong interest in Illuminated Manuscripts and historical techniques and my artwork is based on this. I also make handcrafted art buttons from polymer and use various mediums to draw or paint on them. My other hobby is crochet and I make beanie buckets from my own pattern along with artistic wire jewellery using crochet stitches.

I often have help from our cat who adds texture to my work by walking across a wet painting or a book spine drying. I've also discovered it's hard to remove gold specks from their paws and tails, luckily it's not toxic. They don't go near the garlic juice when I'm gilding though! To keep up with my latest news, you can visit my blog here, which is a mix of babbling, rants and updates on works in progress, all happily mixed in with day to day life. Pretty boring really, but feel free to stop in and say hi.

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